The World's Strangest Mothers


Becoming a mother is one of the most special and rewarding things a woman will experience in her life, and many have gone to great lengths to achieve this feat. Not every woman can easily become pregnant; some women have to work for it. Some look to in-vitro fertilization, while others rely on surrogacy, and some are just crazy lucky, with one even able to pop out as many as 69 children from 27 pregnancies!

Whether they set the record for the most surrogate births or had twins at the age of 70, these women have grabbed the public’s attention, gaining popularity due to their very odd motherhoods. Thomas Beatie became the first male mom after he transitioned from a woman to a man and his wife was unable to get pregnant. And at 2 feet, 4 inches tall, with a genetic growth condition, Stacey Herald beat the odds when doctors told her that she could die from pregnancy. She’s had not one, not two, but three children! How’s that for determination.

Some of these mothers had to wait until almost the end of their lifelines to have children (yes, it’s possible!) and one even gave birth when she was still a child herself. These aren’t your typical moms; these are the 10 oddest mothers in history. Check ‘em out!