The Weirdest National Holidays You Won't Believe Actually Exist


Thanks to the internet, we are slowly becoming aware of the world of the bizarre. And one of the most interesting things in this odd world are all the national holidays we had no idea about. From a day to celebrate unicorns to talking like a pirate for a whole day, these are the weirdest nation holiday you won't believe actually exist. Have you ever had a day where everything you do is wrong? Well, don’t fret, because on a special day in March, everything you do will be absolutely correct. There is also a special holiday dedicated solely to respecting the beloved lima bean. In this video, we are also going to discuss the outlandish holiday that involves howling at the moon, another that encourages you to pretend to be a time traveler, and finally one that has you lending a helping hand to a grouch. Once you are finished watching out video,