The Untold Story Of The Beauty Treatment Hollywood Doesn't Talk About


For the huge percentage of people who don’t like their teeth, there’s a popular but controversial option: veneers. They cost a lot, are irreversible and can turn out plain awful. But they’re big business, particularly with Instagram influencers. We’ll show you the dark truth about veneers in our video on the untold story of the beauty treatment Hollywood doesn't talk about.

Of all the Hollywood beauty treatments, cosmetic dentistry is the least discussed. But it really should be, as procedures like veneers are irreversible. They involve filing down the teeth. They’re expensive too – just wait until you find out just how expensive. And you’ll also be shocked at the fact that they don’t last forever – if you have these porcelain shells bonded to your teeth, you’re bonding yourself to shelling out big sums of money after a certain number of years to have them redone. Can you guess how long they last?

Experts in the field like the Olsen twins’ dentist Dr. Michael Apa and Sivan Finkel have really interesting insights into the industry, and useful advice for those considering veneers. Let us reveal to you why so many dentists are offering them for free to Instagram influencers, and why they really shouldn’t be. There are so many alternatives to the treatment, like tooth whitening, braces, crowns and Invisalign. But these all take time, and the social media generation doesn’t necessarily have the patience for that.

Watch our video to learn about the untold story of the beauty treatment Hollywood doesn't talk about, and tell us in comments if you’d ever have veneers fitted.