The Truth About The South Korean Olympic Games 2018


The Olympics should be a time for countries to come together and engage in some classic and friendly competition with one another. However, more and more signs are starting to indicate that this year’s 2018 Winter Olympics may be a disaster. They’re being hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and we may have more to worry about than just North Korea. Russia has been banned from openly entering the competition due to a scandal, but are insisting on sending their athletes anyways. A new confirmed case of bird flu has popped up in South Korea, which could be devastating and spread quickly. In a case of perfect timing, a nearby hospital just caught on fire, making it the worst fire disaster to happen in South Korea in over a decade! Perhaps unsurprisingly, ticket sales for the event have been poor. Even the people of South Korea don’t seem interested in attending! Oh, and did we mention the stadium doesn’t have a roof and they are expecting freezing temperatures?