10 Wedding Photos That Will Make You Cringe


Your wedding day is a day you will remember for the rest of your life, especially thanks to moments caught on camera by your photographer, friends and family. But for all the wonderful wedding photographs, there are a bundle of strange ones too. Whether they were snapped at the wrong time, or the bride and groom were caught doing questionable things, some wedding photos are probably better off unseen. But thanks to the Internet, nothing is safe these days, and even if the bride and groom would rather the world not see these photos, somehow they made their rounds.

And then there are the photographs the bride and groom seem to be very proud of, they’re just cringe worthy images in everyone else’s mind. Take for example, the bride and groom who have steel hooks sticking through their upper back skin. They are smiling and looking to be having a great time, but it’s really hard to look at for most people who aren’t them. And then of course there’s the couple that had a life-size wedding cake designed to look like the bride. The groom seems to be pleased to be cutting into it, the bride? Not so much.

In the end, it’s your wedding day, so whatever makes you happy goes. That doesn’t mean what makes you happy isn’t totally weird though. In today’s video we take a peek a 10 of the strangest wedding photos ever.