People Who Went Too Far For The Perfect Selfie


Photos have always been a great way to document important moments in an individual’s life. Whether it be finally achieving a goal, the perfect vacation or the cutest baby ever, these images provide stills of time that we can look back on and revel in reminiscence. Recently, the purpose of these snapshots oddly morphed into remembering that time we made the perfect duck face.

Over the past few years, the selfie craze has exploded thanks to apps like Instagram and celebrity promotion. With a touch of a button, you can share your experiences with millions of people around the world. Knowing this some go through great narcissistic efforts to make sure they look absolutely perfect before blasting out a photo that could live on the internet forever. The lighting has to be perfect and the pose top-notch.

What happens when finding the best filter for the occasion isn’t enough? Some believe they must have the definitive background to compliment their experiences. The people in this video have turned the selfie-craze into selfie crazy. They’ve put themselves in dumb, dangerous and even deadly situations just so they can share their moments with the world. This is what happens when people go too far to for the perfect selfie.