The Most Dangerous Female Criminals In The World


Gangs are some of the most intricate and deadly groups in the world, headed by malicious dictators who are violent, forceful, and ruthless. Although mobster men may come to mind when you think about anything gang related, women have proven to be just as dangerous. They orchestrate mass murders, rapes, and human trafficking, and have been responsible for some of the bloodiest gang wars in the drug world. Some are in on the action, while others hide their infamy and pretend to be upholding feminists. Now, that’s some real sociopath action for you.

Many enter the underworld through their male family members, but that doesn’t stop them from reigning as queens. These female gangsters have become some of the most prominent and profitable drug lords, money launderers, and ringleaders the world has ever seen. Some of them made up to $500,000 a month in their prime, prevailing as the primary source of drugs such as heroine, cocaine and mephedrone.

And if you think other women and children are safe from their evil dwellings, that’s definitely not the case. Although gangs are suppose to stay away from prostitution, some of these fatal femmes forced underage girls into drugs, prostitution and human trafficking, and murdered them as well. Others teach and prepare women for suicide bombing, or force the recruitment of children into their criminal clans.

Never underestimate the capability of a powerful woman. Unfortunately, these ones used their power for evil instead of good. Today’s video features the ten most dangerous female gangsters in the world. Buckle up.