The Loud House Holiday Gift Guide


“The Loud House” is one of the most popular cartoons on Nickelodeon. The story revolves around Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, who all have unique personalities. Holidays are coming and we thought we’d present a gift for each of the Loud siblings and give you some ideas what you can give to your own family members and friends. Check out our “Loud House” holiday gift guide!

Let’s start with Leni, who’s the oldest of the bunch. We always see her talking on the phone with her boyfriend Bobby. She loves her privacy, but we think her phone is pretty outdated, so why not give her a brand new iPhone as a Christmas gift?

Next is the 11-year-old Lincoln Loud. As the middle child, Lincoln is often stressed out because he has a lot on his plate. We thought he could use a timeout, so we’re giving him a huge meditation cushion he can use to calm down his thoughts and get away from the Loud house chaos!

Luna Loud is one of our favorite cartoon characters. She has a good sense of style, and of course, her music taste is amazing. We’d give her a brand new guitar, complete with a signature from her favorite artist and we have a feeling she’d totally love this gift.

Do you have friends who love “The Loud House”? Make sure to watch our video on “The Loud House” holiday gift guide and see what we’d give to each of the Loud house siblings!