The Disturbing Real Story Behind Anastasia


Most of us have probably seen the “Anastasia” movie. It’s one of the few princess movies that actually didn’t belong to Disney until 2015. “Anastasia” talks about a girl that goes on a decade-long quest to become reunited with her grandmother after Rasputin overthrows her family’s castle. Anastasia joins two con men who end up taking her to Paris, where she’s finally reunited with her grandmother. It’s a sweet and heartfelt story of longing for your home, but the truth is, this story is nothing like the real disturbing story behind “Anastasia.”

The real story of “Anastasia” is actually much more gruesome. It’s a painful tale of a family that had to witness too much heartbreak. Their final story wasn’t a happy one and even though it inspired a 90-year-long mystery, everything got resolved in 2001. Stay tuned to hear the disturbing real story behind “Anastasia” and don’t forget to subscribe to TheThings channel for more!