The Dark Truth Of The Cast Of Greys Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that has been on forever, and has a huge and loyal fanbase. But there are some dark and disturbing secrets and scandals going on behind the scenes, and we’ll let you in on all of them. Find out the truth about why Brooke Smith’s character was written off the show, and why it upset Smith so much. Isaiah Washington used a horrible phrase to describe co-star T.R. Knight, and in doing so caused Knight to be unwillingly dragged out of the closet. Katherine Heigl was apparently such a nightmare to work with, that Shonda Rhimes refers to difficult people as “Heigls.” Another person who was allegedly a diva, was Patrick Dempsey, who was finally fired after a suspension. Let us know in the comments if you’ll still be watching the show despite all of this drama.