The Most Shocking Wedding Disasters


The wedding day--a day when tedious planning, friends and family all come together to celebrate a joyous occasion. The groom awaits nervously at the end of the soon-to-be flowered aisle as the bride makes sure every hair is in place and that she is equipped with tissues just in case her emotions overwhelm her. The music begins, the audience rises to turn to the double doors that reveal the woman in white. She then starts her walk down the aisle only to feel...a little...weird. She meets the hands of her future husband’s with hers and then her vision fades to black. She’s passed out on her wedding day. Not only that, but she fell on the ring bearer, who’s licking his wounds with his mother over in the corner.

Yes, the perfect day is not always so perfect, and that’s no different for the stories you will hear in this video. These take the cake, the wedding cake, of wedding disasters. Bad luck has struck many ceremonies in its time, but have you ever heard of a wedding being raided by the police? How about causing a plane to crash? It sounds crazy, but all the stories in this video are true.

Grab a front row seat either on the bride or groom’s side, and take a look at some of the biggest wedding disaster stories.