The 10 Most Controversial Barbies Ever


Prior to the digital savvy kids of today, who find pleasure in playing with electronic devices, the Barbie doll reigned supreme in the land of toys. She’s fun, she’s got style and she has over 150 different careers on her resume. But, Barbie has always been a source of controversy, ever since her blonde haired, long-legged body hit the store shelves in 1959. She was the first kids toy with an adult body and parents were worried that her unrealistic tiny waist and perfectly proportioned boobs would give their children skewed perceptions of female beauty. Almost 60 years later, she’s still one of the most loved and most controversial dolls in America.

While Ballet Barbie and Architect Barbie were some of the most popular girls in the toy store, other creations (whether by original “Barbie” brand Mattel, or other knockoffs) received some major flack. From racial stereotypes that surfaced from the likes of Oreo Barbie and Mexican Barbie, to the skewed beauty ideals that are emphasized in Makeup Head Barbie, parents and women’s organizations have had some words for Mattel. Since dolls, and especially Barbies can be one of the first influential interactions kids have with appearance, it’s no wonder that some of the values that Mattel has come up with are questioned in their tracks. And with the age demographic of Barbie dipping from three to nine years old, to three to six, it’s clear to see why customers have brought them to a halt.

Get ready to see the highly questionable concepts that Barbie creators have come up with. Today’s video looks at the 10 Most Controversial Barbies to ever hit shelves.