Strange Phenomena Scientists Still Cannot Explain


We live in the age of information. With satellites, undersea cables, cell towers and the internet, we can communicate and gather information in ways that our parents and grandparents could only dream about decades ago. Yup, as a species we’re pretty smart and over the last several centuries humans have built up their knowledge and abilities in every field of study. Yet, for being so smart and accomplished there are still a rather large number of things we can’t do - or are incapable of answering. For instance, despite all of our knowledge of the human body, there are still things we have absolutely no clue about. Despite all our space exploration and high-powered telescopes, we still don’t really know much about the worlds we’re surrounded by. Yes, there are still quite a few phenomena that amaze and baffle us because we just don’t have a definitive answer. And if there’s one thing that drives us humans crazy it’s not knowing the answers! So, sit back, get your thinking cap on and take a look at these events and occurrences that happen all around us. In some instances we think we know the answers – but a definitive reason still eludes our tiny little brains.