Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Texas Fourth


In Texas, everything is bigger. Including their stacks of cash. They have bigger hair, bigger houses, and even bigger lifestyles. Here is a look Inside the Lives of the Rich Kids of Texas!

Think that Texas isn’t chock full of rich people? Well, you my friend, are sadly mistaken. Texas not only has its fair share of millionaires but they also have at least 40 billionaires that call the state their home. The Walton family who own Walmart and Sam’s Club also lives in the southern state so you know they are bringing in some serious money.

How do the rich in Texas spend their dough? Well, they love to get on private jets. According to their RichKidsofDallas Instagram and Twitter pages, private plans are pretty much a necessity. Whenever they get bored, they just hop on planes and go to a new location. Must be nice to have that kind of freedom.

When they don’t feel like leaving the state, the rich kids of Texas like to shop till they drop. And with all of the luxury shopping venues in the area, it’s not hard to do. Texas has some of the best shopping centers in the country boasting big name brands like Givenchy, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and more.

Whether it’s their crazy houses, insane cars, or lavish hobbies, there is a lot that you probably don’t know about the rich in the cowboy state. Stay tuned to Inside the Lives of the Rich Kids of Texas to find out what hobby the rich are going crazy for.