Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Canada


Being a rich kid anywhere in the world is pretty great, but being a rich kid in Canada is even better. Canada was voted the seventh happiest country in the world in the 2017 World Happiness Report. It's even always on every list of which countries are the best to live in. While money may be a source of worry for some Canadians, the rich kids of Canada are too busy spending their parent's money to worry about anything. If you're curious to learn more about them, watch our video to go Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Canada.

Blair Bitove is the lucky daughter of the founder of Sirius XM Canada. She's been privileged her entire life, but her biggest rich kid moment was when she was photographed with Drake and Kanye West. The best part about that moment was that she didn't even have to pay for it! Blair was at a club in Toronto when she somehow ended up between these two famous rappers. But you'll have to keep watching to see the amazing picture.

If you're obsessed with following influencers, then you're probably already familiar with the Canadian Kardashian sisters. Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo got this name after they became famous for posting glam shots online. They first got a taste for the rich life after they both dated Nigerian billionaires. But you'll never believe what happened to them when they decided to stay in Nigeria for a little while.

From working as a personal stylist to celebrities to being able to travel the world, there's a lot to learn about the rich kids of Canada. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see how money almost ruined the lives of the Canadian Kardashian sisters.