Fishermen Drag Out This Creepy Looking Creature From Ocean


Fishing is a sport and industry that relies on luck more than skill. Sure, you can increase your chances of success in innumerable ways - by picking strategic locations, using the right bait, and studying the fish you intend to catch. But ultimately, it all depends on if the fish chooses to mouth your hook or not. Since the industry is completely dependent on the fish themselves, it's often not the fish that you want to catch that you actually do catch. This results in something called bycatch, which accounts for over 20% of commercial fishing. Since bycatch often perish, the industry has been criticized for its excessive destruction. However, amid this destruction are biological gems that make scientists salivate and journalists guffaw. These are the giant and odd-looking ocean dwellers that, due to their rarity, are celebrated parts of bycatch. They are usually perceived as monsters rather than normal animals. However, they are normal in their deep, dark world, just as you are in yours.