Creepy Stories About Modern-day Witchcraft


As long as people have misunderstood the world, witches have been the scapegoats for individual and societal problems. This remains the case today. If we mean “witches” to be anyone accused of being in possession of supernatural powers, then witches exist, but only in delusional minds. All over the world, people are accused of disrupting the course of nature with black magic, thereby ruining the lives of “innocent” people. Of course, it’s the people accused of witchcraft that are actually innocent, and those that find spiritual justification in their persecution of witches are guilty before humanity. Though the Western world possesses, for the most part, a healthy skepticism for supernatural phenomenon, this is only a recent conception, and is a mindset not shared by most of the world’s inhabitants. Witch hunts are not just a relic of the past, but also happen today in unbelievably high numbers.