Crazy Bridezilla Stories


No matter the season, you can always expect a wedding just around the corner. Ah yes, who doesn’t love a good cake testing, dress fittings, bachelorette parties or bonding time with your favorite gal pals? Well it turns out, when you have a bridezilla running the show, the last thing you want to do is be involved with that wedding!

Now how would one define a bridezilla? Depends who you ask. Typically bridezillas around found to be doing strange activities such as harsh criticism, aggressive behaviour and experience lack of sympathy for those who may need it the most. Once you take a look at these situations, you may find that the whole “blushing bride” description falls short of who you or your loved one might become. However, we could only hope that is not the case.

Included in this article are stories regarding obscene reactions and confessions that may leave you horrified or amused. When we say anything can happen, we mean it. Although, we are providing an underlying moral that you can get out of these tales; let’s not we forget that weddings are supposed to be a time of celebration, not separation.