Celebrities Who Aren't As Skinny As They Make It Seem


Unfortunately, we live in a society where being thin is extremely valued. While being a shape that is different from the norm is slowly becoming more accepted, the entertainment industry is really pushing hard for thinness to win. Because of this, celebrities are under extreme pressure to look a certain way for their target audience. If you’re an actor, that could mean losing weight to play a certain part. If you’re a singer, you’re made to believe that being thin will help you to sell more CDs. Even if a celebrity is a bit bigger, that doesn’t mean that they get a free pass on their looks. They have to constantly dress and use certain tricks to make them look thinner than they truly are. It may seem deceiving, but in a business where looks are everything, it’s necessary to do all of this in order to survive. Although these celebs might feel pressured to look a certain way, just remember that you are beautiful just the way you are.