10 Famous People Who Don't Deserve It


Gone are the days when you actually had to work hard and have talent to be famous. While there are many actors, musicians and singers who work their way to celebrity success, there seem to be just as many who become famous for no apparent reason. Whether they made a sex tape with their former boss’ brother (ahem, Kim Kardashian) or hitched on to someone else’s road to fame (oh hey, Kevin Federline and Amber Rose), it’s shocking that these celebrities are celebrities at all.

However they got to the top, it seems these stars are here to stay. After a glimpse of the limelight they’ve held on for dear life, writing books, recording albums and making appearances on reality TV shows just to stay in the public eye. But to no one’s surprise, their talents continually fall short. I mean, if they didn’t become famous due to their talent in the first place, it’s probably a lost cause.

What’s most socking is you’ve probably forgotten that you shouldn’t even know who these celebrities are. From Snooki, who rose to fame due to Jersey Shore to every single Real Housewife who married into money and fame, take a look at 10 celebrities who are famous for no reason.