Animals You Didn't Know Could Change Gender


In today's society, gender is a lot more fluid than it was just a couple of decades ago. Not surprisingly, it seems that animals have always been one step ahead of us when it comes to this topic. Some animals live life as both genders, while others can change from male to female or female to male. Take clownfish, for example - who live in schools of fish that are made up of many males and one female. When the female passes away, the largest male in the group will change his gender to take her place. Parrotfish, bearded dragons, moray eels, and cuttlefish all exhibit a similar gender-bending ability. Whether it's done because there's not enough members of the opposite sex around, or because of the temperature experienced during embryonic development, the result is always interesting. If you grew up thinking that all animals could only be one gender, then this video will definitely open your eyes.