Amazing Makeup Artists That Will Blow Your Mind!


For those of us who are fans of makeup, we all have the ancient Egyptians to thank. Cleopatra’s concoction of lipstick made from beetles and the Egyptian’s use of kohl (a mixture of metal, lead, copper, ash and burnt almonds) around their eyes set the foundation for the makeup we use today. While we don’t use our cosmetics to ward off evil spirits like the ancient Egyptians, we do apply it ritualistically as they did.

Over the years, this ritual has advanced from our own personal vanities to the chairs of those that enhance your beauty for a living. Sometimes certain occasions call for a little more skill and that is where makeup artists come in. They specialize in making people look their best by applying their expertise to enhance their client’s features and painting a flawless complexion. But while making people look their best for weddings and proms satisfy the art expression for some makeup artists, others express their cosmetic talents in more impressive ways.

Film and more recently social media have allowed makeup artists to share their love of makeup and technique with the world. These virtuosos bring their cosmetic concepts to life as they transform actors, models and sometimes even themselves into famous celebrities, characters, monsters or any fantasy creatures they may come up with.

Today we will look at artists who transform the ordinary person into the extraordinary. These artists view the human face as a blank canvas of possibility. The techniques they demonstrate and their inspirations for why they create what they do may all be different, but their love and passion for pushing the boundaries of makeup resides within all of them. Your jaws will drop when you see what these ten incredibly talented makeup artists can do.