5 Theories That Prove Kylie Jenner Was Kim Kardashians Surrogate


If there is one thing we can say about the Kardashian family it’s that they are always giving us something to talk about. Some of us thought it was a crazy coincidence when Khloe Kardashian announced she was pregnant, Kim Kardashian announced she was having a baby via surrogate, and rumors began that Kylie Jenner was pregnant, all in the same month! But with Kylie keeping a suspiciously low profile, a number of extreme “coincidences,” and the mystery of Kim’s surrogate, we have to wonder if maybe Kylie and the surrogate are the same person. We’ll tell you our top five theories that prove Kylie was the surrogate for her sister’s baby. Not only that, but some believe that this was all orchestrated by the masterful matriarch of the Kardashian family: Kris Jenner. Because the last piece in the puzzle could be the 10th anniversary special of Keeping Up With The Kardashian