5 Olympic Athletes Caught Cheating At The Games


The Olympic Games bring the world together like no other sport. Every four years in February, July and August athletes from around the world gather to compete in dozens of various sports. Much like the athletes, we the spectators gather around our televisions and live streams to watch our countrymen compete for the gold. The games have drama, tension, glory and disappointment for everyone. However, the Olympic Games also have cheaters – and a lot of them. Over the years, many athletes have been caught cheating during the games. In fact, it’s become such a great problem that entire countries are now getting banned from competing. From taking illegal substances to using “special” techniques to just being plain poor sports, these following athletes stand out for their cheating ways - and each is a little different in how they did it. Of course, every circumstance is different and even today, often years later, people are still divided on certain cases of cheating and the degrees of severity.