5 Olympic Athletes Busted For Cheating


We’ve all likely cheated at something in our life. Whether a board game like Monopoly, a school quiz or a video game, we just can’t seem to fight that urge to cut corners in order to win. We’d like to think as we get older, we mature and are less inclined to cheat. Well, this isn’t the case. Cheaters are everywhere and they are getting busted all the time. With the upcoming Olympics in South Korea it seems appropriate to take a look at Olympic stars who have fallen off their podium because of cheating. But let’s give it a twist. In this case, we’ll look at Olympians who were busted for cheating away from the games – either before or, more likely, after they rose to fame. We won’t cover Tonya Harding here because, well, she had her own movie dedicated to her cheating ways. So we’ll instead focus on those cheaters who don’t have a feature film about their dirty past, yet. From legendary-turned-infamous cyclers to disgraced sprinters to entire national teams, we got a range of Olympians who ended up disgraced away from the celebrated international competition.