30 Misheard Lyrics In Pop Music You Cannot Unhear


Even in a time when we have apps to decode song lyrics, we still manage to mess them up from time to time. But there are a few lines in certain songs that seem to be misheard by tons of people. We’ll go over some of the most frequently misinterpreted songs in all of pop music. If you have ever thought that you heard Lady Gaga calling out for a glass of red wine, you’re most likely mistaken. Taylor Swift has a line in a song that is so often misheard, that even her own mother couldn’t get it right. And then there’s the song by Justin Timberlake that even Ellen Degeneres got wrong. Ariana Grande has quite a few songs that people have misheard, and they all seem to be about one very particular, and embarrassing, subject. Miley Cyrus can be wild at times, but she claims that it was just her accent that made one of her songs seem so wildly inappropriate to be played on the radio.