20 Things You Didn’t Know About The Clout Gang


Clout Gang is definitely still in their early stages but the name follows through, generating a lot of interest and hype from YouTube fans. This group of talented personalities hopes to grow on the social media platform. Can’t wait to find out more about this gang? Neither can we so today, we’re giving you an inside peak at the 20 Things You Didn’t Know about the Clout Gang.

YouTube was taken by storm with the creation for Team 10, a group of famous YouTubers who moved into a house together and created a viewing experience unlike any we’ve seen before. FaZe Banks is making it clear that the Clout Gang has arrived and they’re promising to be the new and improved Team 10.

From a multi-million dollar house to a new puppy and lock screens, this YouTube celebrity group isn’t relying solely on their relationship and dislike of Jake Paul to get them a massive viewership. In fact, Clout Gang is hoping to do just the opposite. So far, not much is known about who will join and move into the house but confirmed members included Alissa Violet, Rice Gum, Ugly God, and FaZe Banks.

Do you want to know if KSI, KEEMSTAR, and Sommer Ray will become members of the Clout Gang? Interested in what the Clout House is all about and why dis tracks are causing real beef? Watch the video and stay tuned until number one to find out why we’re sure Chantel Jeffries will become a Clout Gang member.