20 Most Hilarious Kids Christmas Wishes That Made Even SANTA Laugh


When we were kids, we loved writing a Christmas list to send to Santa Claus during the holidays. Our parents used to help us, but as we grew up, we were able to write it on our own. While most kids just ask for the gifts they want, others turn it into something really funny. This is why we are showing you the 20 Most Hilarious Kids Christmas Wishes that Made Even Santa Laugh.

We know that most kids would like Santa to bring them the new iPhone for Christmas. And even though this kid was too young to ask for one, he knew how important this gadget is. This is why he told Santa Claus that he should just text his father to know what he wants.

Another girl didn’t want an iPhone for Christmas, but it would have been useful to talk over the phone to Santa because she had way too many questions. It went from asking what his favorite type of cookie is to asking him how many pairs of underwear he has.

We have all been there: we receive a wonderful gift for Christmas, and then we can’t use it because we don’t have any batteries. How can Santa make mistakes like that after so many years of experience? This kid made sure to remind him that he should not forget batteries.

Stay tuned to hear more about hilarious Christmas wishes that made even Santa laugh like a girl asking for a pony, a boy who wants to become a dragon, and a girl who wrote an honest letter for her brother. If you could ask Santa to give you one thing, anything, what would it be? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think.