20 Cats Who Don't Know How To Cat


Cats are quite the majestic creature. They may not appear to need humans at all, but domestic cats probably wouldn’t go too far without human interaction. After all, none of them know how to use a can opener. Nevertheless, humans find feline companionship irresistible. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re so independent which may appeal to more independent humans.

Most cats are poised and graceful. In fact, it’s one of the first things that pops to mind when thinking of cats. Whatever a cat wants, they’re going to get, one way or another. Unfortunately, some cats are not as smart as others or they are a little goofy off of the catnip. Regardless of the reason, some cats simply forget how to cat from time to time, much to their embarrassment. Thankfully, their human companions were quick enough to capture these hilarious cat fails and share them with the internet.