10 You Tubers Who Rejoice At Logan Pauls Fall


Logan Paul has stirred up some major disruption in the YouTube community. Many claimed it is the platform’s fault for not taking down the video from Japan as soon as possible. But others feel that it’s the content creators responsibility to their viewers to be held accountable for their posts. YouTube stars have rejoiced in Logan’s downfall, even using his crashing career as a stepping stone for themselves. Even the shamed PewDiePie is taking a bite of the pie. Some others, like Lauren DIY, Anna Akana, and Lilly Singh are disappointed in his actions, and feel the consequences could be even worse. Tweets and reaction videos storm the internet as debates about Logan’s punishment continue.

So who’s happy about this falling star’s longtime YouTube career going down the drain? Watch this video to see the 10 famous YouTubers who are rejoicing at Logan Paul’s catastrophic fall!