WTF! 10 Hilarious Snapchat Photo Fails


When Snapchat first came on the scene it was a social media game changer, and it continues to be one of the fast-growing platforms for the younger generation. To send photos and videos to your friends in real time, and have them disappear seconds after, was a genius idea that caught on fast. Another thing users were quick to realize? Although the snaps were lost forever on the app, you could screenshot your friends’ photos and keep them as our own. The problem for those who are not so shy to send photos over Snapchat? Some of the photos turned out to be total fails that made their way around the Internet.

In all fairness, the images on Snapchat are suppose to be only for the eyes you send them to; but people have to realize, some of their friends just suck. Embarrassing incidents like whacky faces, nearly-nudes and yes, even toilet selfies, have made their rounds on the Internet, scanning way more eyes than the sender originally intended. But that’s the reality of the Internet and social media these days, and if you truly don’t want a photo of yourself pooping on the Internet, then some good advice would be not to take it in the first place.

And then there are the truly hilarious Snapchat fails that surface from questionable events people catch on their phones. You know, like a ‘Get Well’ balloon attached to a dead deer on the side of the road, or a man that has no clue that the dog he’s walking has fell into the river. Take a look at 10 WTF Snapchat fails. Don’t feel bad if you laugh, we sure did!