10 Weird Beauty Products From Around The World


The true definition of beauty is translated differently all around the world. For some it means being super skinny, having perfect skin, having the best clothes…the list goes on. The path to achieve this seemingly unobtainable thing called “beauty” has been one most women, and some men, travel on a daily basis. Some people are so obsessed with their image, they will do anything, and we mean anything, to feel that they are more attractive. Weird inventions for the world of beauty have made their way to the market promising remarkable results, but strange methods of beautification are not a recent occurrence.

Women have been practicing odd and bizarre methods of beauty since the dawn of civilization. Greeks and Romans bathed in crocodile feces as a means to prevent wrinkles. In the 1800’s, swallowing tapeworms was the ultimate diet pill. During the Chinese T’ang Dynasty, the feet of little girls were broken and then bound to create an extreme arch in order to improve her chances of marriage later in life.

Fast forward to today: the quest for beauty and its ways of acquiring it are still alive and weird. Kooky contraptions, creams and clothes find their way on store shelves taunting curious consumers, who are brave enough to give these products a try. Nothing is off limits when it comes to trying to look their best. They don’t even bat an eye when reading strange ingredients like “human foreskin” or “animal sperm” on the back of a bottle of facial cream if it promises they will look ten years younger. Word of mouth is also a big factor in consumer purchases. Things like this can become especially enticing when celebrities endorse their miracle results or even produce it themselves.

Prepare to see some products people actually buy to improve their looks, and maybe even be ready to question the beauty world’s sanity. In today’s video, we will take a look at ten of the weirdest beauty products from around the world. Let’s get weird.