10 Ways You’re Cleaning Yourself Wrong


You might think you know everything there is to know about hygiene, but we’ve found 10 ways you’re cleaning yourself wrong. From incorrect hair washing to the wrong water temperature, you’ll be surprised at how many showering mistakes you’re making. And then there’s how we take care of the tools we clean ourselves with, plus the way we dry ourselves too. From scalps and ears to backs and knees, learn the proper way to get yourself clean in our video.

We all love a long, hot shower. But there are several reasons why you’ll turn the temperature down to tepid after watching our video. And when you’re in the shower washing your hair, you might want to reassess the way you’re aggressively rubbing your scalp. Our advice stretches to shampoo and conditioner too. If you use both products all over, you’ll soon change the way you apply them once you’ve learned what each one should be used for.

Being overly forceful when it comes to cleaning and drying is a problem with other areas too. Rubbing your eyes hard to remove all of that waterproof mascara will be doing no end of damage to your lashes. Find out the gentle and effective way to remove eye makeup. And as far as drying your body is concerned, you shouldn’t be aggressively rubbing your skin with a towel to get as dry as possible. Discover the best way to help your body lotion, cream or oil sink in.

There are certain parts of the body that get neglected when it comes to cleaning, like the back. We’ll show you how and why you should be getting this large area squeaky clean, and what sort of tools you’ll need to use to do the job properly. As for your knees and elbows, did you ever wonder why they’re darker and drier than the rest of your skin? The answer is right here in our video, plus the solution to making them soft.

There is such a thing as over-cleaning too. Many of us may well think we’re being thorough, but the truth is we could be doing more damage than good. This is certainly the case with daily exfoliation. You’ll switch your routine to just a couple of times a week once you’ve discovered why exfoliating every day is a bad idea. And when it comes to your ears, less is definitely more. You’ll step away from the cotton swabs after hearing what damage they can do.

Discover more about the 10 ways you’re cleaning yourself wrong in our video, and let us know in comments what you’re going to change about the way you do it.