10 Times Celebs Went Crazy On The Ellen Show


We love witnessing the hilarious back and forth banter on The Ellen Degeneres Show. But sometimes, even our favorite celebrities have their moments when they act crazy on that show. Like the time that Kaley Cuoco decided to show off her now infamous infomercial purchase, causing a very awkward moment. Or the time that Kristen Bell couldn’t stop weeping about sloths while on stage. It’s no secret that Ellen loves a good prank, and she’s managed to terrify some big stars, including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Or the time when she managed to scare Channing Tatum using a toy that is beloved by many little girls. We always thought that there was only one Ellen Degeneres, but Kate McKinnon almost convinced us otherwise at one point. Let us know which one of these crazy celebrity moments was your favorite in the comment section.