10 Things Rice Gum Owns Only The Richest Can Afford


Let’s face it. RiceGum is paid really well. He’s become a YouTube star seemingly overnight. His YouTube fame has allowed him to make ridiculous amounts of money. His large wallet has also yielded to some pretty insane purchases. Here are 10 Things RiceGum Owns Only The Richest Can Afford.

Take his house for instance! Justin Bieber used to live in it. So you know it has to be super expensive. The house has ten bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms! Why would someone ever need that much space? The house cost a whopping $12.5 million! Luckily, he invited a few roommates to move in with him or else he would be super lonely in that huge house.

RiceGum loves clothes. That’s why he commonly buys Gucci. He once bought a Gucci jacket for $1,500 on a whim. He just went into the store, saw the jacket and decided then and there that he wanted it. Most people would have to think about making such a large purchase. But not him!

There’s only one thing that RiceGum loves more than clothes and that’s shoes. He has so many pairs of them. One of his most expensive pairs of shoes cost $5,000! When he bought the shoes, he called his mom to tell her about them. She immediately freaked out! Even she couldn’t understand his spending.

Whether it’s his car, his shoes, or his clothes, there are some things that this YouTuber owns that we can only dream of. Stay tuned to 10 Things RiceGum Owns Only The Richest Can Afford to find out what item almost cost him his relationship with his mom.