10 Things Logan Paul Doesn't Want You To Know


topics/people): Because YouTubers live most of their lives in front of a camera, you may think you know everything about them. But everyone has their secrets. Even your favorite YouTubers. Here are 10 Things That Logan Paul Doesn’t Want You To Know.

Remember when Logan and Jake started telling everyone that they had a little brother named Roman? Well, that was completely fake. Roman Paul is just a stage name. The little boy’s name is Roman Serfaty and he is the son of one of Logan’s ex-girlfriends. He is in no way related to the famous YouTuber.

Did you know that Logan was once arrested? If you didn’t, you aren’t the only one. Logan likes to keep that a secret. It all happened when he was vacationing in Italy and was flying a drone over the Coliseum in Rome. The drone landed near the historical landmark which is apparently a big no, no. The police then came to reprimand him and his brother.

Logan was also evicted from an apartment complex. People usually think of Jake Paul when it comes to getting kicked out of places, but it’s happened to Logan as well. The apartment manager of the complex made Logan leave because the other residents were complaining about the noise that Logan’s fans were causing. Logan doesn’t really tell that story very often.

Whether it’s stories about his ex-girlfriends or secret YouTube channels, there are a lot of things that Logan Paul doesn’t want to be out in the open. Stay tuned to 10 Things Logan Paul Doesn’t Want You To Know to find out why the star is so secretive about his relationship with Jessica Serfaty.