10 Things All Kids Love To Do Behind Their Parent's Back


Kids are master connivers; politicians have nothing on them. Behind that sweet smile lies an untamed mind bent on manipulating the world for their immediate advantage. The world is literally their playground, so who could blame their selfishness? Parents might. It’s hard to raise CIA-level conspirators, especially those who plot to subvert your every rule. This seemingly impossible task is made more difficult when the children discover one powerful concept that gives consequence their control. Lying. For kids, discovering lying must be like discovering a super power. It’s a method through which reality can be infinitely improved simply by not telling the truth. This power, like that of any budding superhero, must be controlled, and it takes years of training and discipline for a parent to exorcise it from their kid. But, as we all know, it can’t be fully eradicated. Though it probably won’t be compulsive or pathological, dishonesty will remain the last line of defense for a misbehaving child, and a loophole between truth and fiction. Since they don’t have to outright lie, they’ll just not tell the truth, making the transgression based on ignorance rather than malice. What they don’t know won’t hurt them becomes a child’s supreme philosophy, and the justification of the goings on in a fantastical world not known to parents: the world behind their back.