10 Surprising Stars Who Finally Came Out Of The Closest


Coming out of the closet can be a big deal, both for the person coming out, and those who care about them. Celebs live so much of their life in the public spotlight, that it seems unbelievable some of them can keep their dating preference a secret for so long. But we’ve rounded up 10 stars whose coming out shocked their fans. Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson came out of the closet only to find that more people were shocked about their age difference than anything else. Stars like Wentworth Miller and Mara Wilson came out to make a political statement, but some like Jodie Foster preferred to do so quietly. Many celebs, such as Ellen Page and Colton Haynes, have claimed that coming out allowed them to live their lives as their very best, authentic selves. Others, like Aaron Carter and Kristen Stewart, came out after a tumultuous time in their personal, romantic, and professional lives.