10 Superpowers All Kids Are Born With


Kids may be small but they are more powerful than you think. In fact, children have superpowers that would astonish most adults. We all know that they have super cuteness and lots of energy. But we found some pretty interesting kid and baby facts that had us cheering for these super humans!

Did you know that kids have the power to read minds? They can also heal themselves and their mothers from the womb. On top of that, they also have super senses of sight, taste, hearing and justice. Babies can even distinguish different languages before they learn to speak, even the language of our four-legged friends. That’s right, all babies are dog whisperers! And wait until you hear about a baby’s superhuman strength. These kids are unstoppable! So before you underestimate these young superheroes, you might want to check out this video. We still can’t believe number one.