10 Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories That Pollute You Tube


YouTubers come and go as frequently as fashion trends. But none have stuck around as long as Shane Dawson, an old school influencer who became a major sensation for his crude humor, his insulting blackface, and his edgy comedy. In January 2018, Shane was accused of being a pedophile in a video posted by a channel called Pop Blast. The allegations blew up and soon even Logan Paul and his manager, Jeffrey Levin, were involved. Shane is used to being called out for being racist and general offensive videos, but nothing as insulting pedophilia.

The conspiracy theories have come flooding in about Shane Dawson’s character, his channel, and his actions. They are vastly polluting the internet one new story at a time. Watch the video below to find out the new, crazy and shocking conspiracy theories revolving about Shane Dawson, and see how Shane responded on Twitter and YouTube.