10 Schools That Have Cooler Classrooms Than You


School is a necessity that we all have to go through as we grow up. Going to school means that you have to sit in a classroom with creaky chairs and wobbly desks. You're often stuck in a plain room with posters and a whiteboard, or chalkboard if you’re old-fashioned. Classrooms are fairly universal around the world. They are designed in such a way that’s supposed to help the students to focus. Unfortunately, these boring classrooms also often make students want to curl up and fall asleep. However, there are some classrooms out there that don’t follow the conventional classroom rules. Whether it’s due to a lack of funding or resources, or just simple creativity, the classrooms in this video are amazing examples of what it means to think outside the box. From caves to floating boats, these classrooms bring about new ways of learning in cool environments.