10 Rules Kim Jong Un Makes His Wife Follow


There is a ton we don’t know about the notoriously insular North Korea. In fact, when its leader, Kim Jong-un got married, nobody even knew about it! But we’re going to introduce you to his wife, Ri Sol-ju, and let you know what life is like when you’re married to the supreme leader of North Korea. Although we know for sure that his first two children are daughters, there are rumors that Ri Sol-ju is expected to provide a male heir. When planning her wedding, she had to make sure that the special day didn’t fall on the birthday of either her father-in-law Kim Jong-il, or her grandfather-in-law Kim Il-sung. You might think that she would have less rules than the average citizen, but that isn’t the case! Let us know in the comment section whether or not you think she has it easier or harder when compared to the life of the average person in North Korea.