10 Ridiculously Cute Animals That Are Dangerous


As the old saying goes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The animal kingdom includes many species that might seem cute and cuddly, but also possess a fierce mean streak.

Whether on land or in water, looks can be deceiving. Sure, you can always try domesticated animals to make them pets or admire them from behind the glass or fencing of a zoo enclosure. But you simply can’t change the fundamental, instinctive nature of animals and expect them to be who you want them to be. From their sharp teeth to their claws to their brutal strength and aggressiveness, even the cutest of critters bears certain natural traits that won’t stay dormant forever.

Though each of these animals are undeniably endearing in appearance, their danger comes in some very different forms. There are some, like the bottle-nosed dolphin, who can employ their own body as a weapon when threatened. Then there are others, like the puffer fish, who boast a deadly venom that can incapacitate their enemy. While they may not all be natural predators, you still probably don’t want to mess with them.

Even knowing the true, innate nature of these creatures, we still don’t always exercise a proper level of caution. These animals have all claimed human victims in the past, and yet we continue to push the envelope by seeking to forge a bond. We swim with dolphins, push boundaries to draw closer to wild animals in pursuit of a cool selfie and, in the case of the puffer fish, even put ourselves in potential peril for a culinary delicacy. It is because of this brash arrogance and thrill-seeking appetite for risk that there are still stories of people being mauled, poisoned, crushed and attacked by all sorts of unpredictable animals.

The lesson through this list is that just because an animal happens to appear cute doesn’t mean that it’s also friendly. Whether looking to attack, establish dominance or simply defend themselves when threatened, animals will lash out unpredictably and without any moral compass to guide them. What makes them so dangerous is also what makes them so very compelling to witness in their natural habitat, but when their natural habitat is compromised, it creates an unsafe situation for them and for you. Tread carefully as you embark upon this list of 10 cute animals that are also extremely dangerous.