10 Ridiculous Names Celebs Have Named Their Kids


For some people, coming up with a name for your new baby is an exciting challenge, but others take it way too far in an attempt to be unique. We will show you some of the strangest, craziest, and most ridiculous celebrity baby names around. If you thought that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian couldn’t top North West, wait until you meet their newest family member, Chicago West. We all know that John Mellencamp likes animals, after all, he gave himself the nickname “Cougar,” but he went too far when he named his son Speck Wildhorse! At least it’s better than his other son’s name, “Hub!” Being a superhero fan is great, but it was a bit much when actor Nicholas Cage named his son Kal-El after Superman. Fellow superhero child Moxie Crimefighter got her strange name from her famous father, Penn Jillette. Then there are the Zappa kids, each one with a name stranger than the last one!