10 Rich Celebrities That Don't Have A College Degree


If you’re a millennial, then you’ve probably been told that a college degree is your best chance at success. However, here are 10 RICH Celebrities Who Don't Have A College Degree and still managed to defy the odds. While we should be telling you to get your diploma, these celebrities have shown that it’s ok to drop out of college if you believe in your startup business - like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re a talented athlete, like LeBron James, you may not even need to attend college at all. And many simply decided that school just wasn’t for them, like Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Pitt. While money is not everyone’s measure of success, these ten celebrities have proven that a college degree isn’t necessary to become a billionaire. If there’s one thing that we can learn from Ralph Lauren and Michael Dell, it’s that big ideas and hard work can take you far. Who knows, maybe you could even become President!