10 Reasons Why North Korea Is More Dangerous Than You Think


Turn on the news today and you’re absolutely bombarded by a few key topics. It seems like we’re always talking about BREXIT, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump or North Korea. In fact, the Hermit Kingdom ruled by Kim Jong-Un has been taking up quite a few headlines – especially since the summer of 2017. With the fiery rhetoric being used, dramatic speeches coming out of Pyongyang and much publicized images of missile launches, it’s hard not to be a little concerned. That said, even with the international tension ramping up and experts saying we are edging closer and closer to war, most of us still don’t take the Northern regime very seriously. After all, they are backwards, poor and an ill-equipped nation that will likely fall apart if things go badly – right? Well, maybe not. Stick around and let us show you just how dangerous this small isolated nation actually is.