10 People With The Largest Bodyparts On Earth


The Guinness Book of World Records holds some really impressive and whacky stuff. The smallest man in the world, the tallest woman in the world and even the world’s heaviest twins. But what’s really astonishing is wide, large and long body parts on people. They’re completely natural and also totally mind-boggling. While some people grew them consciously over years and years, others just came with age.

The woman with the longest hair length in the world grew it for 31 years, and its length is almost the height of a giraffe! How does she wash it? How does she put it all up? And is she nervous it’s going to strangle her in her sleep? And then there’s the woman with the world’s largest breasts. While she didn’t deliberately grow them like the lady with the longest hair, her boobs reached astonishing proportions naturally with age. And the man with the widest tongue on the planet beat his own record when it grew even wider!

These are records you have to see to believe! From the world’s largest hands to the biggest natural afro on the planet, check out ten people with the largest body parts. And prepare for your mind to be blown!