10 Parents Who Hilariously Embarrassed Their Kids Online


Thanks to social media, we can reach out and communicate with more people today than we could at any other time in our past. From Instagram and Facebook to good old Youtube, we can post and view a whole range of messages and media to and from friends and family. Of course, that comes with a catch. Your parents can, for the most part, follow your posts and various activity online. This can lead to some rather embarrassing back and forth for all the world to see. Furthermore, various social media platforms also allow our parents to post embarrassing things – whether baby photos or even embarrassing videos meant to shame us and change our behaviour. If you’re a little uncertain just what we’re talking about, check out these following parents who used social media and the internet to embarrass their children in hilarious ways. From shaming them for bad behaviour or simply calling them out for stupid posts, we’re glad our parents didn’t do anything like this to us when we were growing up.