10 On Stage Moments That Got A Little Too Intense


Anything can happen on-stage, especially if it’s live. Entertainers are entertainers for a reason; they’re always pushing the envelope for their onstage performances. Some even make it a challenge - attempting braver and bolder things for each subsequent performance. Like Lady Gaga, for instance. Of course, when one plays with fire, sometimes they get burnt. They step over the line, and the fans don’t like it. That’s fine; that’s their job to try new things, but their job is funded by us. If we don’t like it, they need to change it up. An entertainer’s life is riding the line between too provocative and not provocative enough. It’s a difficult balance, but one that once mastered becomes a boon. All the performances you will see are entertainers playing that dangerous game. The fact that you know their names means they won, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally fail.