10 of the Most Terrifying Sorority Hazing Stories


Hazing is a tradition used by organizations such as athletics and Greek life to humiliate, demean and even physically harm individuals as a rite of passage for who just want to feel like they belong to a group. Their nervousness is put as ease as the newcomers of these institutions are welcomed with smiling faces and open arms from their older peers. They are completely oblivious to what events are about to ensue.

Not many would assume these malice acts are carried out by sororities. They portray themselves to others and potential recruits as morally strong young women who do things for their communities, charitable and are exemplary students at their given colleges. Thousands of girls each year pledge to the sorority of their choice for a chance to wear the letters of their big sisters and become a part of something seemingly great. But when the Greek lettered doors shut, the angel-like upperclassman morph into villains waiting to break and humiliate the new blood.

While hazing is outlawed at most, if not all, colleges, these clubs still want to uphold the traditions that were instilled even before they were pledges. Plus, the big sisters had to go through their own painful initiation during their initial year. Why shouldn’t the new class have to endure the same… or endure something even more extreme?

Awful stories of hazing have surfaced including girls having to rank themselves by boob size or appearance, being woken up in the middle of the night to clean the sorority house and driving their potential sisters around after late nights of drinking. While that all sounds wrong, it doesn’t seem too bad, right? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Young women have said their sororities have also forced them to do such acts as drink toxic levels of alcohol, insert objects into themselves in front of others and some were even physically beaten to the point of hospitalization. One pledge even admitted that after her hazing process, she experienced thoughts of suicide, an eating disorder and panic attacks. Stunning reports of death have also been recorded.

Why aren’t more of these terrifying stories shared with the public? Most sisters will never expose what went on behind the closed doors of their sorority house. They take a vow to never reveal practices that are to be considered confidential to anyone that is not a fellow member. Before this nightmarish process begins, their superiors threaten them with hellish backlash if they ever speak of it. Girls who did come forward say that they were continuously called nasty names when they crossed paths with other girls from these organizations, physical threats were relayed and one victim even says the length of her car was keyed by a member.

Is it really worth all of this pain and trauma? Those who have moved far away from home and desperately wish to belong to a “positive” support system, say yes. The promise of friendship and sisterhood look favorable to some, but to these women the mention of Greek life doesn’t provoke fond memories. It will spur thoughts of torment and torture they will never forget. After you hear these ten terrifying stories, you may view sororities in a whole different way.